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About Connemara Press

Robert Flanagan’s living accommodations have changed but his works retain all their original vitality.  Connemara Press provides the umbrella structure for a variety of his books and other writings; he wrote a column for The Hampshire Review newspaper of Romney, W.Va for 19 years; he wrote many guest columns for the Winchester Star, of that city in Virginia; and has written many short stories, poems, articles, book reviews and interviews.

Bob Flanagan spent 38 years living in exotic and not-so-exotic ports of call about the world before settling into a home in West Virginia for more than 32 years; and now has become a citizen of Virginia. After a military career spanning 23 years in two services and four continents, a swatch of 15 years with high-tech corporations, and a stint of teaching college English/Writing/ and American Lit, he ultimately made the transition to the one endeavor which had been a subdued goal all those foregoing years; he settled into a cabin in the mountains to write. And write he has done.

Within the ten books published by Flanagan listed earlier, three of them constitute "The A.S.A. Trilogy," a threesome of novels about the Army Security Agency in Viet Nam and the Cold War, addressed earlier in the Home section of this site. Four of the ten are collections of short essays deriving from the more than 1,000 newspaper columns he wrote for newspapers over many years. Those four are Bits & Pieces, Connemara Press 2001, the title the same as the newspaper column from which the pieces originated; Lesser Bits, Greater Pieces Mountain State Press, 2012; and Bits & Pieces: The Middle Years Connemara Press/McClain Printing, 2020. and Bits & Pieces: Windin' Down Connemara Press/McClain Printing, 2020. Also included in the ten is a collection of 21 short stories in the book, Peripheral Visions, Mountain State Press, 2003. Two volumes of poetry are included: All Present, Unaccounted For, Connemara Press/McClain Printing 2018, a collection of Viet Nam War poems, and Alternate Centres of Being, Connemara Press/McClain Printing, 2019, a collection of varietal poetic forms.

The three novels of The A.S.A. Trilogy—Involuntary Tour, Dragon Bait and Falloff—are available on, as are Lesser Bits, Greater Pieces; and the poetic works, All Present, Unaccounted For and Alternate Centres of Being. All ten books are available from the author, through this site's Order page, or by telephone or email, and it is only through the author which can obtain signed/inscribed copies (at no extra cost). Also, shipment of books to addresses outside the U.S. require this special contact.